Brooklyn Cashmore - a visual artist, creator, poet and journalist

She came to me with a visual presentation of art works that later became - a self-curated art exhibition dedicated to her late partner. We collaborated over words, art work and in-turn I designed posters and social media collateral (and a side logo) to promote her (at the time) upcoming exhibition.

The showcase exhibited the very literal strokes of her pain, love and admiration for her late partner. The profound titles gave not only gave you a glimpse into the intensity of their relationship but shared her journey. Not only was it a journey to experience, it was a showcase that allowed her to overcome.

"I am my art, my art is me... this body of work represents and tells a story about one of the most difficult and trying moments of my life, when I lost the person I loved. I documented my grieving process through my paintings and I have decided to show the world, to be vulnerable, to show the world."
-Brooklyn Cashmore